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Hajj Program VI

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Hajj Programs VI

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    Hajj 2018 MAKKAH First Package VII


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    Package# 7-Saudia Airline. Aug 16 till Aug 29

    Quad Occupancy: $8,199.00 Per Person {Including Hajj & Sacrifice Fee)

    Aug-16 (Thu) 05 Dhu Al Hijjah: Please arrive @ JFK 13:00 hrs (01:00 pm) on Aug-16. Ready Depart JFK,

    New York, terminal 01 @ 04:00 hrs (16:00 pm) for Jeddah, Saudia Arabia direct.

    Aug-17 (Fri) 06 Dhu Al Hijjah: Arrival in Jeddah @ 10:45 hrs (10:45 am) Stay in Makkah (5* Al Shohada

    Hotel) 8 to 10 minutes walk from Haram (Masjid-AI-Haram). Perform Umrah, Tawaf & Sa'ee and

    change into regular clothing.

    Aug 18 (Sat) 06 Dhu Al Hijjah: Perform Salaah in Haram, prayers & supplications. Some time for


    Aug-19 (Sun) 08 Dhu AI-Hijjah: Depart for Mina in IHRAM any time after 01:00 hrs (01:00 am)

    depending on buses.

    Aug-19 (Mon) 08 Dhu AI-Hijjah : Arriving in Mina 08 Zil Hijjah and overnight in Mina in comfortable

    Sofa Bed with meals. This is 8th of Zil Hijjah (Yaum Tarwiya). In Mina pray Zuhr, Asr, Magrib & Esha.

    Aug-20 (Tue) 09 Dhu AI-Hijjah: This is 9th of Zil Hijjah, Day of Arafah. Day of Hajj. Depart for Arafah

    after Fajr. The Zuhr & Asr prayers are shortened and combined in Zuhr time. After sunset, depart for

    Muzdalifah & overnight, combine Maghrib & Esha prayers in Esha time. Collect 49 pebbles for stoning.

    You may collect extra just in case you lose some.

    Aug-21 (Wed) 10 Dhu AI-Hijjah : This is 10th Zil Hijjah, day of EID. After Fajr, depart for Mina & perform

    four rituals: 1. Stoning of Big Jamarah only. 2. Zabihah (sacrifice) 3. Shaving of hair. (Clipping is

    permissible; shaving is better) 4. Tawaf al lfadah & Saee in Makkah & return to Mina and overnight.

    Wed & Thr: 11th & 12th Zil Hijjah: Stay in Mina and stone the Jamaraat (all three of them) Return to

    Makkah before sunset on Thursday 12th Zil Hijjah {Aug 23)

    Aug-24 (Fri) 13 Dhu Al Hijjah: Juma Salaah and some time for shopping.

    Aug-25 {Sat) 14 Dhu Al Hijjah: Depart For Madina 10:00 hrs {10:00 am). Stay in 4* Sofaraa Al Huda

    Hotel Makkah) 03 to 05 mins walk to Haram.

    Aug-26 (Sun): Perform Salaah in Haram, prayers & supplications. Some time for shopping, ziyaarah.

    Aug-27 (Mon): Perform Salaah in Haram, prayers & supplications. Some time for shopping, ziyaarah.

    Aug-28 (Tue) Ready Depart for Jeddah airport 18:00 hrs (06:00 pm).

    Aug-29 (Wed): Depart for JFK@ 05:40 hrs (05:40 am) South Terminal Arrival in JFK@ 11:50 hrs (11:50


    Samiuddin Hasan & Haroon Hasan 054-142-3873 / 054-505-8281

    Hajj Mabroor and sins forgiven insha Allah. May Allah accept the Hajj from all Hajjis

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    Plus Jajj fee and Zabiha $ 425

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